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Name Email Work Phone Phone Dept/College
Acierno, Stephanie   347-834-0931 Morris
Aho, Stephanie     Crookston
Anderson, Stephania C. (Cookie)   612-718-8659 Public Hlth
Anderson, Stephanie   218-491-3643 UST
Anderson, Stephanie K.   952-201-3132 Lib Arts-TC
Anderson, Stephanie L. 612-624-5529   CLA Spanish and Portuguese
Anderson, Stephanie L.   218-729-6948 Ed/Hum Serv
Anderson, Stephanie M.     Vet Medicine
Stephanie R Anderson 612-624-6843   Medicine - Rheumatology
Anderson, Stephanie R. (Steph)   320-352-6782 Bus/Econ
Appleby, Stephanie A. 218-726-6760   DMed Biomedical Sci; Bus/Econ
Aron, Stephanie L.   913-681-5840 Bio Science
Avalos, Stephanie     Management
Benson, Stephanie   763-767-9297 Food/Agr/Nat Res Sci
Benson, Stephanie S.     CEHD Community Integration; Educ/Hum Dev
Blosser, Stephanie A.   218-348-4206 Ed/Hum Serv
Bonjour, Stephanie M.   310-266-8954 Educ/Hum Dev
Bono, Stephanie J.     UMC Disability Resource Center
Bourdon, Stephanie C.   952-393-1859 Management
Boylan, Stephanie A.   920-615-2844 Public Hlth
Stephanie D Boyle     Rehabilitation Medicine
Brandt, Stephanie F.   920-366-3652 Med Sch-TC
Bronkhorst, Stephanie   505-412-7127 Bus/Econ
Broom, Stephanie L. (Steph) 612-625-0272   Student Unions and Activities
Broussard, Stephanie J.   443-404-5166 Lib Arts-TC
Brunson, Stephanie     507-351-1267 Continuing Education
Burrows, Stephanie G.     Educ/Hum Dev
Burrows, Stephanie L.     Pharmacy
Burton, Stephanie M.     Management
Cao, Stephanie H.     Lib Arts-TC
Carbonneau, Stephanie     207-251-9727 Graduate Non-Degree
Carlson, Stephanie A. 218-726-8131   UMD Writing Studies
Carlson, Stephanie A.     Crookston
Carlson, Stephanie L.     Continuing Education
Carlson, Stephanie M.   218-727-7086 Science/Eng-TC
Stephanie M Carlson 612-625-6127   Institute of Child Development
Chiou, Stephanie C.   650-307-4262 Crookston
Chrismon, Stephanie D. 612-625-8757   Student Affairs, Student Life
Claybrook, Stephanie A.   612-270-7148 Educ/Hum Dev
Coats, Stephanie A.   952-469-2112 CLI
Coauette, Stephanie L.   701-739-0757 Crookston
Cole, Stephanie M.   218-386-3802 Crookston
Coleman, Stephanie J.   952-738-1233 Educ/Hum Dev
Collins, Stephanie E.   218-729-3399 UST
Copenhaver, Stephanie A.   651-431-1844 Management
Corrente, Stephanie L.     Educ/Hum Dev
Cuzco-Landi, Stephanie P.     612-706-7906 Continuing Education
Stephanie M Davis     PHARM Professional Education
Davison, Stephanie A.     CCE DCP Undergraduate Programs; Continuing Education
Dawson, Stephanie M.     Crookston
DeArmond, Stephanie A. 612-625-8096   Art Department RegisCtr
Delgado, Stephanie J.   612-710-8507 Management
Derma-Morales, Stephanie M.   651-334-9506 Continuing Education
Dilworth, Stephanie D. 612-626-6985   College of Design
Doll, Stephanie R.   548-3507 Crookston
Doyle, Stephanie R.     218-280-5441 Crookston
Driessen, Stephanie A.     Dentistry
Drow, Stephanie K.     612-810-3412 Educ/Hum Dev
Druziako, Stephanie M.     CFANS Food Sci and Nutrition; Food/Agr/Nat Res Sci
Duddingston, Stephanie L.     Educ/Hum Dev
Duncomb, Stephanie   952-250-1073 Graduate Non-Degree
Duong, Stephanie Q.     909-296-0557 Continuing Education
Durazno-Pineda, Stephanie R.   952-679-0076 Continuing Education
Dyson, Stephanie L.   651-208-5134 Continuing Education
Edlund, Stephanie J.     Lib Arts-Dul
Eichman, Stephanie     715-292-7883 Public Hlth
Eliopoulos, Stephanie M.     707-327-8060 Public Hlth
Erickson, Stephanie   952-233-5693 Lib Arts-Dul
Erickson, Stephanie     UMC Academic Affairs
Erickson, Stephanie L.   651-453-1601 Management
Erickson, Stephanie S. (Steph)     651-308-3539 Graduate Non-Degree
Erlandson, Stephanie K.     CBS Plant/Microbial Biology; Bio Science
Erlandson, Stephanie K.       Continuing Education
Falkowski, Stephanie A.   218-741-5479  
Faubion, Stephanie S.   507-250-5384 Management
Foo, Stephanie     Continuing Education
Foote, Stephanie A.     651-340-6078 Lib Arts-TC
Forby, Stephanie M.   952-447-8665 Science/Eng-Dul
Foreman, Stefanie   612-807-2105 Science/Eng-TC
Frohwein, Stephanie   605-331-3654 Nursing
Galason, Stephanie A.   630-940-7122 Vet Medicine
Gandy, Stephanie M.     Educ/Hum Dev
George, Stephanie     Office of Admissions
Glaros, Stephanie J.     CLA Journalism and Mass Comm
Goberdhan, Stephanie L.   952-807-7360 Lib Arts-TC
Goese, Stephanie M.     612-226-7716 Nursing
Goettl, Stephanie A.   952-210-7581 Grad School
Stephanie L Goldschmidt 612-624-4723   VETMD Vet Clinical Sciences
Gooley, Stephanie V.     763-245-0344 Lib Arts-TC
Gosse, Stephanie     Educ/Hum Dev
Grewenow, Stephanie M.     Science/Eng-Dul
Grigoryants, Stephanie   763-478-3559 Lib Arts-TC
Grogan, Stephanie A.   320-493-6007 Nursing
Gross, Stephanie D.   320-249-6815 Vet Medicine
Groth, Stephanie F.   952-942-9744 Nursing
Grove, Stephanie D.   608-406-0473 Nursing
Grube, Stephanie L.     PHARM Pharm Prac Pharm Sci
Guildford, Stephanie J. 218-726-7412   UMD Swenson Col of Sci and Eng
Guo, Stephanie   612-454-9553 Lib Arts-TC
Gutkowski, Stephanie L.   847-630-3181 Educ/Hum Dev
Halvorson, Stephanie A.   218-590-9479 UST
Hammon, Stephanie R.   763-421-3161  
Hanson, Stephanie 612-301-7576   CCE English Language Programs
Hanson, Stephanie J.     952-758-5195 Continuing Education
Helgeson, Stephanie K. 218-281-8422   UMC Intercollegiate Athletics
Hendrickson, Stephanie A.   952-836-0511 Educ/Hum Dev
Herzog, Stephanie G.   651-388-4968 Continuing Education
Hobot, Stephanie M.     Food/Agr/Nat Res Sci
Holicky, Stephanie M.     507-720-9696 Continuing Education
Holmes, Stephanie A.   651-779-3715 Continuing Education
Holmes, Stephanie A.   763-577-4240 Lib Arts-TC
Homuth, Stephanie J.   763-221-2029 Public Hlth
Honnold, Stephanie C.   952-446-1494 Continuing Education
Hope, Stephanie   917-670-8882 Nursing
Hornung, Stephanie A.     Design
Houle, Stephanie J.   651-439-5352 Science/Eng-Dul
Houlihan, Stephanie A.     Lib Arts-TC
Jackson, Stephanie B.     Pharmacy
Jacobs, Stephanie J. 612-301-7143   HHH Leadership and Management
Jacobson, Stephanie L.   507-798-2528 CLI
Jarosek, Stephanie L. 612-625-5683   PUBHL Health Policy Mgmt; Public Hlth
Johns, Stephanie       Continuing Education
Johnson, Stephanie     Educ/Hum Dev
Johnson, Stephanie     Educ/Hum Dev
Johnson, Stephanie A.     763-428-4991 Continuing Education
Johnson, Stephanie E.   952-686-3831 Lib Arts-TC
Johnson, Stephanie L.     Lib Arts-TC
Johnson, Stephanie M.     Fine Arts
Johnson, Stephanie M.   612-437-2313 Lib Arts-TC
Johnson, Stephanie R.   651-779-9116 Management
Joppa, Stephanie A. 612-626-3019   Medicine Education Office; Med Sch-TC
Keating, Stephanie J.   715-781-8567 Med Sch-TC
Kensok, Stephanie   612-750-2991 Management
Keppler, Stephanie K.     Dentistry
Kerkinni, Stephanie G.   727-324-8672 Continuing Education
Knoppa, Stephanie A.     UMD Housing
Kobany, Stephanie     Science/Eng-Dul
Kobbe, Stephanie R.     Educ/Hum Dev
Koch, Stephanie M.   763-427-1503 Lib Arts-TC
Kohn, Stephanie L.   952-564-4574 Educ/Hum Dev
Kolb, Stephanie L.   763-228-4851 Educ/Hum Dev
Kollmann, Stephanie     813-928-3350 Continuing Education
Koreen, Stephanie M.     651-442-7780 Lib Arts-TC
Korsunsky, Stephanie   763-843-9381 Continuing Education
Kortan, Stephanie A.     605-339-4041 Educ/Hum Dev
Kothlow, Stephanie A.   715-485-9352 Science/Eng-TC
Kotnik, Stephanie A. (Steph)       Design
Krco, Stephanie D.     612-804-9112 Continuing Education
Krischuk, Stephanie L. 612-624-3023   Department of Emergency Medicine
LaFavor, Steph   612-868-6535 Lib Arts-TC
Lanzdorf, Stephanie J.   701-269-3960 Allied Health CTR
Larson, Stephanie M. 612-624-7522   Sponsored Financial Reporting
Lawson, Stephanie A. 612-625-8063   Mathematics, Sch Of
de Sam Lazaro, Stephanie L.     612-387-3580 Graduate Non-Degree
Loeffler, Stephanie A.   507-327-0408 Public Hlth
Lohn, Stephanie M.   763-862-1173 Continuing Education
Long, Stephanie A.   231-342-0230 Continuing Education
Loup, Stephanie G.   479-886-5477 Public Hlth
Lundorff, Stephanie A.     UMD Students in Transition; Educ/Hum Dev
Majkowski, Stephanie A.     651-426-8149 Science/Eng-TC
Malinoff, Stephanie 612-624-8398   RSRCH Transportation Studies
Mathiowetz, Stephanie M.   507-259-8039 Med Sch-TC
Mathison, Stephanie N.     651-994-7854 Continuing Education
Mattson, Stephanie S.   952-546-6148 Management
Maxson, Stephanie   507-696-4605 CLI
McAndrew, Stephanie     402-450-6474 Continuing Education
McCorkell, Stephanie M.     612-865-8958 Educ/Hum Dev
Tirado Mendoza, Stephanie   612-301-4229 Lib Arts-TC
Stephanie House      
Stephanie Grotbo      
Stephanie ONeil      
Misono, Stephanie N. 612-626-5526   Otolaryngology; Graduate Non-Degree
Molitor-Lindemann, Stephanie J.   612-668-1530 Graduate Non-Degree
Moore, Stephanie J.     651-769-8514 Continuing Education
Morande, Stephanie M.   952-472-4635 Bio Science
Morgan, Stephanie F.   941-405-6124 Continuing Education
Morris, Stephanie K.     Educ/Hum Dev
Morris, Stephanie S.   262-896-0229 Educ/Hum Dev
Morse-Noland, Stephanie R.   651-356-9822 Lib Arts-TC
Mosher, Stephanie L.     Educ/Hum Dev
Motiff, Stephanie M.     Dentistry
Moua, Stephanie P.     Nursing
Nistler MS, Stephanie K.     Wallin Medical Biosciences Building
Musgrove, Stephanie K.   630-649-3259 Educ/Hum Dev
Nelson, Stephanie A.     Lib Arts-Dul
Nichols, Stephanie J. 612-625-7350   Student/Professional Services
Nickerson, Stephanie N.     267-885-5778 Continuing Education
Noonan, Stephanie   651-486-9150 Management
Nordstog, Stephanie M.     Educ/Hum Dev
Noyed, Stephanie   612-874-1865 Lib Arts-TC
Nwaudo, Stephanie C.   651-621-0280 Lib Arts-TC
Oberg, Stephanie M. 218-726-6401   CFANS Cloquet Forestry Center
O'Brien, Stephanie E.   218-220-1518 Educ/Hum Dev
O'brien, Stephanie L.   715-398-5041 UST
O'Connell, Stephanie   763-434-9099 Crookston
Odegard, Stephanie S.   507-276-2746 Med Sch-TC
O'Donnell, Stephanie A. 612-625-5749   UM Extension IT; Continuing Education
Oftelie, Stephanie M.     952-941-8294 Continuing Education
Olmscheid, Stephanie L.   507-469-9216 Educ/Hum Dev
Olson, Stephanie A.   320-245-2548 Bus/Econ
Olson, Stephanie P.   218-525-1128 Crookston
Onorato, Stephanie     Continuing Education
Onyekaba, Stephanie U.   612-301-0004 Lib Arts-TC
Orfei, Stephanie   952-236-7155 Ed/Hum Serv
Ortiz, Stephanie   612-728-1652 Educ/Hum Dev
Osei, Stephanie N.   952-882-7735 Continuing Education
Owen-Lyons, Stephanie 612-625-4006   CEHD Administration; Educ/Hum Dev
Palumbo, Stephanie J. 612-625-2040   Graduate School, The
Patton, Stephanie R. 612-624-6719   CFANS Forest Resources; Food/Agr/Nat Res Sci
Paxton, Stephanie R.   612-701-7128 Educ/Hum Dev
Pearson, Stephanie C.   815-469-7216 Crookston
Perko, Stephanie R.   414-321-0441 Dentistry
Peterson, Stephanie G.     508-735-5543 Continuing Education
Peterson, Stephanie L.     Morris
Peterson, Stephanie M.   612-670-8797 Lib Arts-TC
Peterson, Stephanie R.   612-275-7819 Continuing Education
Peterson, Stephanie R.     651-780-3145 Continuing Education
Stephanie L Loegering PharmD     PHARM Professional Education
Hooker PhD, Stephanie A.     Smileys Family Medicine Clinic
Pickthorn, Steph   507-532-9446 Med Sch-TC
Pickthorn, Stephanie   507-401-6672 Public Hlth
Plonski, Stephanie     Continuing Education
Pohl, Stephanie D.     651-714-1271 Continuing Education
Polites, Stephanie F.     Public Hlth
Pomonis, Stephanie     Continuing Education
Porter, Stephanie N.   320-679-5624 Food/Agr/Nat Res Sci
Portner, Stephanie C.     Ed/Hum Serv
Pott, Stephanie L. 612-301-9961   School of Nursing; Nursing
Radel, Stephanie I.       Crookston
Ramon, Stephanie M.   763-218-4742 Educ/Hum Dev
Regenold, Stef D. 218-726-7647   UMD Student Life
Reko, Stephanie F.   763-434-8703 Crookston
Rhein, Stephanie L.   920-291-5768 Pharmacy-Dul
Richardson, Stephanie J.   651-216-4176 Educ/Hum Dev
Roe, Steph (Steph)       Science/Eng-TC
Rogalsky, Stephanie     CSENG Aerospace Eng and Mechanic; Science/Eng-TC
Ronneng, Stephanie M.   763-421-4751 Morris
Stephanie Root     Pharmacy Practice, Pharmaceutical S
Rosenthal, Stephanie 612-624-3323   Univ Counseling and Consulting Serv
Stephanie A Rossow 612-625-7043   Veterinary Population Medicine
Rouse, Stephanie C.   952-334-6248 Ed/Hum Serv
Royster, Stephanie       Continuing Education
Salow, Stephanie I.     563-923-2008 CLI
Samborski, Stephanie D.   952-935-1791 Nursing
Reyna Sandoval, Stephanie A.   651-431-0284 Continuing Education
Sanford, Stephanie L.   605-216-8578 Science/Eng-TC
Schley, Stephanie M.   651-271-0920 Lib Arts-TC
Scott, Stephanie M. 612-624-8483   IEM
Shelton, Stephanie V.   262-681-3635 Continuing Education
Shiro, Stephanie A.   224-558-8964 Nursing
Singroy, Stephanie C.     UST
Smolak, Stephanie J.       Design
Solfelt, Stephanie A.     952-942-5554 Educ/Hum Dev
Solheid, Stephie M.   952-201-7652 Nursing
Sorensen, Stephanie     651-470-2002 Lib Arts-TC
Soucheray, Stephanie     AHCSH Infectious Disease Rsrch
Splett, Stephanie A. 612-625-7099   CLA Institutional Advancement; Lib Arts-TC
Stathopoulos, Stephanie M. 612-624-8008   Room 135 Smith
Steenhoek, Stephanie N.   320-587-4803 Allied Health CTR
Stoerzinger, Stephanie A.   715-549-6916 Lib Arts-TC
Stoway, Stephanie D.   913-593-4784 Public Hlth
Sutton, Stephanie A. 612-624-5696   Continuity and Compliance
Swanson, Stephanie L.     PHARM Administration; Pharmacy
Swanson, Stephanie R.   651-773-0087 Lib Arts-TC
Swenson, Stephanie L.   507-450-6770 Nursing
Syverson, Stephanie M.     952-432-4123 Continuing Education
Taylor, Stephanie R. 612-625-5151   Surgery
Thompson, Stephanie A.   651-636-5421 Lib Arts-TC
Todd, Stephanie 612-624-5192   Technical Services Monog, Acq and Cat
Tofte, Stephanie C.     CEHD Social Work, School of; Educ/Hum Dev
Tomczyk, Stephanie J.   612-554-8944  
Salas Toriz, Stephanie   612-636-0649 Continuing Education
Velazquez Torres, Stephanie   612-404-4493 Continuing Education
Trout, Stephanie   218-346-4587 Crookston
Ortiz Valle, Stephanie K.     Pharmacology; Med Sch-TC
Carlson Ventura, Stephanie J.     CFANS Landscape Arboretum; Continuing Education
Vogeli, Stephanie F.     206-930-1825 Science/Eng-TC
Vos, Stephanie J.   651-464-7407 CLI
Wainionpaa, Stephanie G.     UMD Academic Affairs Admin
Walsh-Olafson, Stephanie J. 218-463-1052   UM Extension Roseau Cnty
Weiland, Stephanie C. 612-626-4024   Masonic Cancer Center
Westcot, Stephanie E. (Steph)     Grad School
Williams, Stephanie D. 612-624-4528   Intercollegiate Athletics
Withers, Stephanie A.     VETMD Veterinary Medical Ctr
Wohlhuter, Stephanie J.     CCE DCP Undergraduate Programs
Woldum, Stephanie N.     Educ/Hum Dev
Worden, Stephanie J.     651-621-0094 Continuing Education
Worwa, Stephanie   763-645-2793 Crookston
Xenos, Stephanie M. 612-624-8723   Biological Science Communications; Continuing Education
Rollag Yoon, Stephanie M. 612-625-6323   Center for Writing (Writing Studies; Educ/Hum Dev
Zadora, Stephanie J.     Lib Arts-TC
Zastrow, Stephanie N.     Dentistry
Stephanie W Zollinger 612-624-3205   Design,Housing, and Apparel
Stephanie Campodonico     CCE Information Technology