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Name Email Work Phone Phone Dept/College
Aarsvold, Kelly J.   507-421-8289 Med Sch-TC
Adams, Kelly N.     Food/Agr/Nat Res Sci
Anderson, Kelly     763-560-1720 Continuing Education
Anderson, Kelly   763-479-3325 Management
Anderson, Kelly 612-624-7666   CSENG Chemistry
Anderson, Kelly A.     952-898-6582 Lib Arts-TC
Anderson, Kelly M.     651-426-0463 Graduate Non-Degree
Anderson, Kelly R.   218-568-4450 Allied Health CTR
Appeldorn, Kelly M.     Ed/Hum Serv
Armstrong, Kelly A.     612-232-5250 Educ/Hum Dev
Armstrong, Kelly S.   612-816-0155 Management
Arnold, Kelly A.     763-516-1142 Lib Arts-TC
Ashford, Kelly N.     Continuing Education
Backstrom, Kelly J.   763-221-4011 Lib Arts-TC
Beaster, Kelly O. 218-720-4294   UMD Natural Rsrc Rsrch Inst
Bergeron, Kelly   763-350-1680 Lib Arts-Dul
Bergeson, Kelly P.   952-888-3889 Educ/Hum Dev
Betzold, Kelly J.   763-807-5851 Educ/Hum Dev
Binotto, Kelly A.   262-818-9603 Management
Bloss, Kelly N.     Educ/Hum Dev
Bodine, Kelly     Educ/Hum Dev
Bogensberger, Kelly M.   605-838-9084 Lib Arts-TC
Bohn, Kelly 612-625-2433   Networking and Telecom Srvs
Bork, Kelly     Lib Arts-TC
Bosch, Kelly D.     651-731-7678 Continuing Education
Bottenberg, Kelly M.       Management
Bourdage, Kelly E.   630-832-9731 Lib Arts-TC
Bower, Kelly 612-626-2621   Genetics,Cell Biology, and Developmen; Continuing Education
Briody, Kelly   651-454-8279 Lib Arts-TC
Brown, Kelly J.   612-301-4737 Educ/Hum Dev
Cardenas, Kelly R. 612-625-0291   MMCGME Services
Carlson, C Kelly A.   651-728-0340 Continuing Education
Carlson, Kelly A.   612-236-6399 Management
Carlson, Kelly A.   218-879-1128 UST
Caron, Kelly J.   651-373-8303 Lib Arts-TC
Castellano, Kelly M.     Lib Arts-TC
Coghlan, Kelly M.   651-492-4555 Ed/Hum Serv
Kelly P Coleman     PUBHL Environmental Hlth Sci
Collins, Kelly   630-257-7102 Science/Eng-TC
Collins, Kelly E.   703-723-4847 Lib Arts-TC
Collins, Kelly R.     Student Affairs, ViceProv/Dean; Educ/Hum Dev
Colwell, Kelly M.   651-388-1717 Continuing Education
Condit-Shrestha, Kelly     CLA Immigration Hist Rsrch Ctr; Lib Arts-TC
Connelly, Kelly M.   952-898-5297 Bus/Econ
Cooper, Kelly K.     262-889-2121 Continuing Education
Corroy, Kelly A.     262-308-1692 Educ/Hum Dev
Costello, Kelly K.   651-636-7186 Lib Arts-TC
Couillard, Kelly A.   651-783-8172 Continuing Education
Counihan, Kelly   612-301-4788 Educ/Hum Dev
Cover, Kelly D.     651-757-5042 Continuing Education
Crampton, Kelly A.     Ed/Hum Serv
Danielson, Kelly L.   651-216-7755 Educ/Hum Dev
Dano, Kelly L.     UMR Administration; CLI
Davidson, Kelly   952-492-6092 Ed/Hum Serv
Davis, Kelly E.   507-450-7373 Med Sch-TC
Delgado, Kelly   651-455-4951 Lib Arts-TC
Denno, Kelly A. 612-301-3285   Medicine Education Office
Anderson Diercks, Kelly     612-296-5626 Educ/Hum Dev
Dillon, Kelly M.     Continuing Education
Do, Kelly N.     612-616-2390 Continuing Education
Docherty, Kelly M.     Lib Arts-TC
Doering, Kelly J.     763-486-6499 Lib Arts-TC
Donahue, Kelly L.     Lib Arts-TC
Doran, Kelly M.   651-779-6207 Bus/Econ
Doyle, Kelly M.     952-447-5226 Continuing Education
Dubois, Kelly C.   612-207-9971 Lib Arts-TC
Dufour, Kelly O.   952-465-4968 Continuing Education
Eichmeyer, Kelly A.     612-232-8957 Educ/Hum Dev
Ekeroth, Kelly N.   612-301-6193 Science/Eng-TC
Erickson, Kelly M.     Lib Arts-TC
Fellows, Kelly E.     425-334-4651 Med Sch-TC
Finnerty, Kelly O.   612-387-4404 Continuing Education
Kelly J Florence 218-726-8578   UMD Communication
Kelly J Flynn 952-914-8100   Abbott Northwestern General Med Ass
Fogelson, Kelly A.   612-301-2015 Bio Science
Folwick, Kelly N.   952-470-0891 Educ/Hum Dev
Fox, Kelly E.     612-232-0309 Lib Arts-TC
Francisco, Kelly L.     763-238-4167 Graduate Non-Degree
Freeborg, Kelly A.     651-490-7702 Graduate Non-Degree
Froehlich, Kelly A.   763-533-0588 Graduate Non-Degree
Frosch, Kelly N.     612-716-9056 Design
Fulton, Kelly M.       Educ/Hum Dev
Gage, Kelly M. 612-626-5906   DESGN Design, Housing and Appare
Garzon-Herrera, Kelly     Lib Arts-TC
Giron, Kelly M.   218-879-3668 Pharmacy-Dul
Goblirsch, Kelly   952-836-9888 Nursing
Kelly J Goeb     Gateway Family Health Clinic
Goetz, Kelly C.     612-298-1323 Educ/Hum Dev
Gross, Kelly A.   218-348-8010 UST
Grout, Kelly J.   763-258-4765 Management
Kelly A Grussendorf 218-726-7092   Theatre
Gustafson, Kelly M.   612-597-1627 Bus/Econ
Gustofson, Kelly J.     Crookston
Hallowell, Kelly N.     Continuing Education
Hanson, Kelly     Continuing Education
Harrington, Kelly A.     Grad School
Herzog, Kelly J.     651-653-5199 Continuing Education
Hoffman, Kelly R.   651-484-9105 Science/Eng-TC
Hollis, Kelly E.   763-421-8601 Ed/Hum Serv
Holman, Kelly M. 612-626-9334   Carlson School of Management; Design
Holmin, Kelly   507-779-9139 Morris
Hood, Kelly     Continuing Education
Horan, Kelly M.     Educ/Hum Dev
Horn, Kelly M.   651-698-3864 Lib Arts-TC
Huntington, Kelly     Crookston
Janson, Kelly K.     218-568-4336 Continuing Education
Jochum, Kelly A.   763-200-0178 Continuing Education
Johnson, Kelly   218-729-8038 Bus/Econ
Johnson, Kelly A. 218-726-6795   UMD Financial Collections
Johnson, Kelly J.   763-537-1388 Nursing
Johnson, Kelly J.   612-237-0542 Crookston
Johnson, Kelly M.   763-497-9148 Lib Arts-TC
Johnson, Kelly M.   952-443-2147 Educ/Hum Dev
Jones, Kelly   612-483-9219 Educ/Hum Dev
Jordan, Kelly M.     Dept of Psychology; Lib Arts-TC
Jorgensen, Kelly A.   319-240-5053 Management
Jorgenson, Kelly R.     Lib Arts-TC
Karjalahti, Kelly C. 612-624-1335   CUHCC Billing and Finance
Kelly-Collins, Erin C. 612-624-4333   Ext Ctr for Youth Development
Kelly-Glasoe, Emma A.   360-705-4962 Fine Arts
Abel Knochel     Social Work
Knutson, Kelly R.     CEHD Social Work, School of
Koier, Kelly   262-501-1843 Educ/Hum Dev
Kosanda, Kellye C.   972-690-5199 Management
Koski, Kelly C.     CLA Music
Koster, Kelly L.   715-379-0457 Continuing Education
Kowal, Kelly E.     AUXSV Bookstores - Rochester
Kroening, Kelly J.   651-747-7871 Educ/Hum Dev
Krogh, Kelly A.     Med Sch-TC
Kroner, Kelly C.     Bio Science
Kueffer, Kelly C.     651-341-2878 Allied Health CTR
Kuklok, Kelly   507-581-2552 Science/Eng-Dul
Kwong, Kelly G.   763-420-4159 Bio Science
LaPara, Kelly S. 612-626-2838   AHCSH Cancer Center
Larson, Kelly B.   715-781-3285 Lib Arts-TC
Larson, Kelly J.   612-301-5095 Science/Eng-TC
Lawson, Kelly M.     612-788-6801 Continuing Education
Leroux, Kelly   612-817-4914 Crookston
Lethert, Kelly R.   651-578-9084 Educ/Hum Dev
Nye-Lengerman LGSW, Kelly 612-626-7322   Inst on Community Integration; Educ/Hum Dev
Lossen, Kelly D.     507-459-6703 Nursing
M, Kelly (Kelly)   608-217-2625 Crookston
Madison, Kelly E.   651-356-4272 Lib Arts-Dul
Martinson, Kelly   715-699-9625 Continuing Education
Martinson, Kelly J.   763-843-4484 Lib Arts-TC
McCollow, Kelly A.   612-789-6107 Continuing Education
McConnell, Kelly O.     Lib Arts-TC
McCormick, Kelly J.     202-374-1826 Public Hlth
McCrimmon, Kelly R.   262-238-1683 Lib Arts-TC
McDonald, Kelly A.   651-295-0046 Management
McGoldrick, Kelly M.     763-473-2530 Educ/Hum Dev
McGovern, Kelly G.   480-310-0531 Educ/Hum Dev
McKeough, Kelly D.   612-301-7308 Science/Eng-TC
McKibbon, Kelly M.   218-628-1831 Ed/Hum Serv
McKinnon, Kelly S.     Med Sch-TC
McLeod, Kelly     Fine Arts
McLeod, Kelly K.     763-878-2782 Morris
Kelly J McMonigal     PHARM Professional Education
Meierhofer, Kelly J.     Management
Miettunen, Kelly 612-626-5768   Dept of Pediatrics, Div of BMT; Public Hlth
Moe, Kelly E.   952-465-4132 Educ/Hum Dev
Moeller, Kelly A.   651-351-0388 Educ/Hum Dev
Moeller, Kelly J.     651-900-2904 Continuing Education
Moller, Kelly M.     952-270-1769 Graduate Non-Degree
Molloy, Kelly M.   612-227-1009 Law School
Monroe, Kelly 612-625-9331   Intercollegiate Athletics
Monson, Kelly L.     651-249-5898 HHH Public Affairs
Montgomery, Kelly A.   952-423-4219 Continuing Education
Moore, Kelly     AUXSV Dining Services and Admin
Mork, Kelly E.   608-238-5316 Design
Morris, Kelly J.     678-763-1064 Management
Morris, Kelly L.     Lib Arts-TC
Mulcrone, Kelly A.   952-239-4463 Continuing Education
Munson, Kelly N.     DESGN Design, Housing and Appare
Myrvold, Kelly L.   763-269-4613 Continuing Education
Torres Nava, Kelly A.     Bio Science
Nellermoe, Kelly A.   320-760-4821 Educ/Hum Dev
Nelson, Kelly     218-947-3283 Crookston
Nelson, Kelly A.   763-607-6819 Lib Arts-TC
Nelson, Kelly C. (Kel) 218-281-8372   UMC Technology Support Services
Nelson, Kelly E.     651-434-0075 Lib Arts-TC
Nordling, Kelly C.     507-364-5428 Continuing Education
Norris, Kelly   651-639-1103 Morris
Nyvold, Kelly E.   952-258-3111 Continuing Education
O'Brien, Kelly M. 612-624-4109   CLA Office of Institional Advanceme
O'Brien, Kelly M.   952-405-6773 Management
O'Brien, Kelly R.   763-439-3915 Grad School
O'brien, Kelly R.     Educ/Hum Dev
O'Brien, Kelly S.   507-334-2728 Lib Arts-TC
Ochocki, Kelly M.     Lib Arts-TC
O'Grady, Kelly E.     CFANS Animal Science; Science/Eng-TC
Olsen, Kelly M.   651-983-1722 Educ/Hum Dev
Olson, Kelly A.   651-429-2748 Management
Olson, Kelly M.     763-783-9754 Continuing Education
Olzenak, Kelly J.   612-619-9057 Continuing Education
O'Neill, Kelly   952-941-6558 Lib Arts-TC
ONeill, Kelly E.     Public Hlth
O'Neill, Kelly M.     PUBHL Health Policy Mgmt
Ordonez-Saybe, Kelly   651-487-7955 Continuing Education
Orndorff, Kelly A.   320-654-6228 Ed/Hum Serv
Ortenblad, Kelly     Institute on Community Integration; Educ/Hum Dev
Parpovic, Kelly M.     Educ/Hum Dev
Passo-Fasel, Kelly   651-367-4884 Nursing
Patnoe, Kelly M.     CEHD Centers
Patterson-Swirtz, Kelly (K-pat)   320-293-3574 Morris
Paulson, Kellyn K.   612-501-9026 Continuing Education
Pearson, Kelly R.   763-588-3700  
Pechous, Kelly R.     Pharmacy-Dul
Pederson, Kelly A.     763-389-1225 Lib Arts-TC
Peterson, Kelly   218-723-8049 Science/Eng-Dul
Peterson, Kelly L.   651-735-5120 Food/Agr/Nat Res Sci
Peterson, Kelly R.   952-797-2972 Continuing Education
Phommahaxay, Kelly     Family Medicine and Cmty Health; Medicine-Dul
Pizarro, Kelly N.     Lib Arts-TC
Pocian, Kelly M.   612-301-2061 Lib Arts-TC
Podetz-Pedersen, Kelly M. 612-626-1435   Genetics, Cell Biology, and Developme; Continuing Education
Popham, Kelly   218-724-7333 Bio Science
Potz, Kelly R.   651-795-8898 Pharmacy
Meza Prado, Kelly A.     Institute on the Environment; Continuing Education
Prescott, Kelly C.   952-236-0680 Management
Punyko, Kelly E.   218-525-4688 UST
Rhodes, Kelly     512-791-0605 Continuing Education
Rhodes, Kelly A.     952-593-7607 Continuing Education
Richardson, Kelly     Continuing Education
Richardson, Kelly L.       Continuing Education
Richardson, Kelly M. 612-624-7503   Fac Mgmt West Bank District
Roberts, Kelly A.   763-226-5253 Educ/Hum Dev
Roberts, Kelly C.   763-607-7060 Lib Arts-TC
Roehrig, Kelly M.     RSRCH Environment, Inst on the
Rolfe, Kelly J.       Continuing Education
Rosemark, Kelly A. 612-626-8595   Epidemiology
Rosengren, Kelly M.   612-597-0249 Med Sch-TC
Rossman, Kelly R.   320-309-7817 Ed/Hum Serv
Rowe, Kelly J.     651-322-5254 Continuing Education
Royer, Kelly A.     860-307-9323 Educ/Hum Dev
Sabrowsky, Kelly C.   612-301-6368 Food/Agr/Nat Res Sci
Santini, Kelly M.   651-354-0372 Educ/Hum Dev
Savino, Kelly M.   651-433-4855 Lib Arts-Dul
Schott, Kelly T.   763-773-3074 Lib Arts-TC
Scott, Kelly A. 612-624-0760   VETMD Raptor Center
Setterholm, Kelly J.     Med Sch-TC
Showel, Kelly K.   708-442-7109 Bio Science
Simpson, Kaelt (Kae)     Science/Eng-Dul
Kelly M Sioris     PHARM Experimental and Clin Pharm
Solarz, Kelly     612-588-1886 Educ/Hum Dev
Solberg, Kelly A.   952-484-1338 Continuing Education
Solheim, Kelly M.     347-803-3159 Lib Arts-TC
Sommers, Kelly J. (Kelly J)   715-529-6511 Pharmacy
Sovell, Kelly A. 612-301-2140   Department Of Neurology; Nursing
Sowada, Kelly L.     Continuing Education
Stein, Kelly L.       Dentistry
Straka, Kelly A.   218-590-4630 Public Hlth
Swanson, Kelly W.   651-323-7931 Educ/Hum Dev
Kelly Tart 612-626-5623   Veterinary Clinical Sciences
Thao, Kelly S.   651-233-6910 Bio Science
Thomas, Kelly M. 612-626-2013   Computer Science and Engineering; Educ/Hum Dev
Thompson, Kelly   770-823-1611 Management
Thompson, Kelly J.     Library Data Management and Access
Thompson, Kelly L.   952-221-0251 Continuing Education
Thorpe, Kelly R.   612-922-5713 Lib Arts-TC
Tomlinson, Kelly R.     651-387-4140 Graduate Non-Degree
Towle, Kelly H. 612-625-4890   Boynton Health Service; Management
Tronstad, Kelly A.   612-817-3635 Educ/Hum Dev
Tschida, Kelly H.     612-296-8055 Management
Usitalo, Kelly M.     906-396-5341 Nursing
Vogt, Kelly A.     952-925-1980 Continuing Education
Vold, Kelly     952-923-3083 Crookston
Volp, Kelly A.     Science/Eng-TC
Walton, Kelly A.     651-747-6241 Bio Science
Watson, Kelly H.     Med Sch-TC
Weston, Kelly L.   616-706-8508 Lib Arts-TC
Whiteford, Kelly L.     Dept of Psychology; Lib Arts-TC
Whiteford, Kelly L.     Psychology
Wicker, Kelly     Management
Wilson, Kelly R.     651-373-1647 Continuing Education
Wolf, Kelly   651-343-6596 Lib Arts-TC
Wolfe, Kelly C.   612-301-4788 Science/Eng-TC
Wong, Kelly   718-232-0399 Continuing Education
Yurecko, Kelly J.     612-202-9080 Educ/Hum Dev
Kelly Fox   651-385-3200  
Worthington, Kelly M.   763-753-4923 Lib Arts-Dul
Wuollet, Kelly R.   763-424-6051 Ed/Hum Serv
Zahorski, Kelly A.       Lib Arts-TC
Zastrow, Kelly M.   952-200-8454 Graduate Non-Degree