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Name Email Work Phone Phone Dept/College
Crowell, Kallie A.     612-716-5544 Lib Arts-TC
Donahue, Kallie A.   507-332-0213 Continuing Education
Erickson, Kallie A.   612-301-6280 Science/Eng-TC
Forster, Kallie S.   952-353-4594 Bus/Econ
Grote, Kallie J.   651-238-0478 Morris
Gunsolus, Kallie M.   218-525-1602 UST
Johnson, Kallie L.     Science/Eng-Dul
Jones, Kallie M.     320-629-2616 Continuing Education
Liston, Kallie M.   651-462-1301 Continuing Education
Lyon, Kallie N.     952-890-8425 Continuing Education
Malloy, Kallie R.   651-447-9519 Ed/Hum Serv
Mattison, Kallie A.   507-822-7929 Morris
McBride, Kallie W.     Management
O'Gara, Kallie   651-452-6473 Lib Arts-Dul
O'Hara, Kallie     Lib Arts-TC
Pederson, Kallie   218-251-2330 UST
Peterson, Kallie M.   763-232-4985 Lib Arts-TC
Petricka, Kallie M.   952-270-8439 Allied Health CTR
Rodriguez, Kallie M.     952-388-7418 Educ/Hum Dev
Simons, Kallie J.     651-315-6901 Continuing Education
Slotvig, Kallie J.   651-485-7832 Continuing Education
Unowsky, Kallie E.   952-388-3616 UST
Wycoff, Kallie R.   612-964-9904 Morris