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Name Email Work Phone Phone Dept/College
Anders, Christopher S.     CEHD Educational Psychology; Educ/Hum Dev
Boyd-Smith, Christina     CSOM MBA Programs
Edgar-Smith, Christopher E.     248-943-6285 Educ/Hum Dev
Christina Broll-Smith      
Smith, Chris     CSENG Mechanical Engineering; Science/Eng-TC
Smith, Christian R.     651-270-4879 Continuing Education
Smith, Christina   651-407-0782 Lib Arts-TC
Smith, Christina K.   218-894-4992 Crookston
Smith, Christina M.     CBS Plant/Microbial Biology; Bio Science
Smith, Christina V.     218-732-7026 Crookston
Smith, Christine A.   612-759-0808 Nursing
Smith, Christine M.     612-212-4314 Lib Arts-TC
Smith, Christine M.   651-770-1583 Management
Smith, Christopher A.     Radiology
Smith, Christopher E.     Science/Eng-TC
Smith, Christopher F. 612-624-2323   MN Alumni Association
Smith, Christopher J.     218-722-7987 Science/Eng-Dul
Smith, Christopher J.   218-556-8787 Lib Arts-TC
Smith, Christopher J.     Fac Mgmt Health Sciences District
Smith, Christopher R.   307-575-4211 Lib Arts-TC
Smith, CJ     CSENG Chemistry; Science/Eng-TC
Smith, Rowen   714-743-5114 Lib Arts-TC
Stark, Christina E.     DESGN Architecture, School of; Design