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Name Email Work Phone Phone Dept/College
Fischer, Laura L.     Lib Arts-TC
Leighton, Carly a.   612-242-5461 Lib Arts-TC
Chris Leighton 612-625-4018   Chem Engr and Mat Sci
Leighton, Christina M. 612-624-5386   ASR/Continuity and Compliance; Lib Arts-TC
Perez Leighton, Claudio E. 612-626-3329   CFANS Food Sci and Nutrition; Med Sch-TC
Leighton, Ellen D.     952-974-1512 UST
Leighton, James W.     Law School
Leighton, Jean L.     Continuing Education
Leighton, John P.   218-428-7102 Science/Eng-Dul
Leighton, Lauren T.   952-448-6061 Educ/Hum Dev
Leighton, Marcus P.   612-248-7252 Public Hlth
Leighton, Rebecca J.     PUBHL Epi and Comm Hlth; Public Hlth
Leighton, Ryan E.   763-227-2042 Science/Eng-Dul
Leighton, Tanner S.   651-304-7891 Continuing Education
Leighton, Tavis     Economics
Leighton, Tavis M.     612-724-6026 Continuing Education
Leighton, Taylor S.     651-368-1025 Continuing Education
Lerum, Leighton E.     612-209-7453 Continuing Education
Malcolm, Leighton K.   612-812-8737 Management
McAlpin, Leighton R.   612-220-9763 Continuing Education
Mohl, Leighton J.     Neurology
Spaulding, Leighton P.     952-440-2232 Lib Arts-TC
Strom, Leighton J.   218-628-3054 UST
Sundberg, Leighton   651-269-4165 UST
Warmington, Leighton L.     Grad School
Wiley, Leighton   651-323-3574 UST
Zhao, Leighton     763-383-1721 Continuing Education