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Name Email Work Phone Phone Dept/College
Bohn, Oksana 612-626-1146   Medicine PACCS Office; Med Sch-TC
Allen M Goldman 612-624-6062   CSENG Physics and Astronomy
Goldman, Boris V. (Boris)   651-285-5052 Science/Eng-TC
Goldman, Bria L. 612-626-5048   Continuing Professional Development; Continuing Education
Goldman, Daniel J.       Lib Arts-TC
Goldman, David E.     651-994-0834 Continuing Education
Goldman, Eric G.   612-301-0102 Lib Arts-TC
Jay R Goldman 612-625-0131   Mathematics, Sch Of
Goldman, Jonathan M. 612-626-1515   Community Integration, Inst On
Goldman, Melissa B.     847-673-4234 Lib Arts-TC
Michael R Goldman 612-624-0051   CLA Sociology
Goldman, Nadia D.   612-584-4239 Continuing Education
Goldman, Nathan M.   612-965-1844 Continuing Education
Goldman, Nina A.   763-923-4868 Lib Arts-TC
Goldman, Oliver   708-386-5250 Lib Arts-TC
Martens-Goldman, Avery T.   612-810-2347 Continuing Education
Mastrud, Heidi P.     PUBHL Administration; HHH Public Affairs