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Name Email Work Phone Phone Dept/College
Abram D Anders 218-726-8453   UMD Marketing
Anderson, Darrell J. 218-726-6169   UMD Mechanical/Industrial Engr
Andersson, Diane M. 612-625-4703   MNEXT Administration
David Andow 612-624-5323   CFANS Entomology
Brandt, Dandre M.     507-215-5655 Continuing Education
Brecto, D'Andre C.   612-599-1983 Management
E D Dahlberg 612-624-3506   CSENG Physics & Astronomy
Dandiker, Sita     952-232-8172 Continuing Education
Dandurand, Douglas E.     Surgery Clinical Ops/Admin
Dandurand, Paxton     602-309-2965 Bus/Econ
Hou, Dandy     Lib Arts-TC
Suhasa B Kodandaramaiah     CSENG Mechanical Engineering
Andres M Perez     Veterinary Population Medicine
Tolson, D'Andre E.     651-442-8254 Continuing Education
Wang, Dandan   612-644-8168 Lib Arts-TC
Warren, Kersten 612-624-3025   Veterinary Medicine Research Ofc
Xu, Dandan 612-626-8655   Chem Engr & Materials Science; Science/Eng-TC
Yang, Dandan     CSENG St Anth Falls Lab-SAFL
Zhu, Dandan   651-347-3205 Educ/Hum Dev
DP Bill Wirpel     Bell Public Programs
DP Michael Kennedy     Bell Administration
SEDANdepartment(department)     Department